Angered Guild
Angered Guild

Recruitment Status: Open

*Exceptional players are always encouraged to apply!


The Eternal Palace - 8/8M
Crucible of Storms - 2/2M
  • Tomb of Sargeras
  • Argus - Antorus
  • Uldir - Mythrax

One Squid Lady Dead

Posted by Endonyx on 25th August 2019

After another up and down tier with class availability we've managed to improve our ranking for another tier. In 8.3 we're looking to push ourselves even further and recruitment is open for 8.3 effectively immediately for all roles & classes! Join us and finish out the expansion in an enjoyable social environment with a passion to improve.

Hall of Fame!

Posted by Endonyx on 5th March 2019

After a rocky Uldir that meant the build up to Battle of Dazar'alor involved a large recruitment drive, we've managed to exceed expectations in Battle of Dazar'alor and embed ourselves in the Hall of Fame!

Upwards even more for 8.2!