Angered Guild
Angered Guild

Recruitment Status: Open

*Exceptional players are always encouraged to apply!


The Eternal Palace - 8/8M
Crucible of Storms - 2/2M

Tell us a bit about you? What is your Name? Age? Nationality?

What is your characters armoury link please?

Do you have a solid internet connection/computer?

Are you able to commit to our raiding hours with a 90%+ attendance rate?

During the first few of new content we have an increased raiding schedule. This generally means extra raiding on most days as well as adding extra days, which diminishes as we progress through the earlier content, is this something you're comfortable with? Note: This is generally done with an approach that respects the amount of real life commitments players have - where we can we attempt to avoid asking players to leave work early or take a day off.

Due to the nature of optimizing important pieces of loot and making sure we can adapt to any boss scenario, we have a 2 alt requirement. If you're a tank this means extreme flexibility playing within reason any tank. Healers require flexibility with being able to swap between meta healers. If you're a melee DPS it's 2 alts with at least one of the opposite position (Ranged). If you're a ranged DPS it's 2 alts with at least one being ranged is this something you're able to achieve? (It's expected these alts are of a caliber to perform during split runs and potentially used on Mythic progression. In some cases we ask players to play specific alts.)

We use TeamSpeak 3 for voice communications, as well as Discord for standard text communications/notifications. Do you access to both of these, including a working microphone/headset for TeamSpeak 3?

It's important you can respond on TS effectively when a discussion involves you, this means the following; Tanks - You're expected to be able to communicate regarding external CDs/personal CDs & tanking assignments. Healers - You're expected to be able to announce and discuss raid wall/healing assignments. DPS - You're expected to be able to discuss raid walls/utility spells and discuss any DPS/movement assignments. Is this okay?

Please give us a breakdown of your raiding history (bosses you've killed, and when if relevant (pre nerf end bosses etc)), going as far back as you remember.

What is your guild history?

Knowing your class' capability, stat prioritization etc is extremely important. What lengths do you go to to ensure your character is fully optimized? (Examples would be being involved in Community Discords, Simming your character, understanding when X becomes better than Y etc)

It is important players are able to quickly & efficiently perform their tasks in a raiding environment. Please provide two screenshots of your UI, one in combat & one out of combat - with keybinds and action bars visible in at least one of them.

Please provide a link to any WoL/WWS reports, the more recent the reports the better (Having any log at all massively improves your application and enables us to understand almost all of your performance in a raiding environment, if you don't have one we'd recommend making one yourself perhaps in LFR or any raiding content you might do)

How can we contact you should your application be successful? ( information is the easiest) If you don't hear back from us within 5 days you should assume your application was unsuccessful.

Anything you'd like to add? Any notes you wish to be taken in to account?