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  • img01Blood Death Knight
  • img2Balance/Guardian/Resto Druid
  • img04Mage
  • img4Windwalker/Brewmaster/Mistweaver Monk
  • img06Protection/Holy Paladin
  • img1Holy/Disc Priest
  • img1Rogue
  • img1Resto Shaman
  • img5Warlock
  • img1Protection Warrior

* Exceptional players are always encouraged to apply.

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Latest News

Blackrock Foundry Cleared

Posted by Samadin on 28th May 2015

After a very long and draining progression, Mythic Blackhand finally forfeited to us.

We have been focusing on PTR testing lately, and we are focusing fully on next tier. We are happy to have managed through this tier, and thanks to all raiders.

And once again, see you at end!

Highmaul cleared

Posted by Samadin on 29th January 2015

We have finally managed to clear Mythic Highmaul, one week prior to Blackrock Foundry.

We feel that we are well prepared going into Blackrock Foundry progression this upcoming week.

I would also like to welcome some of our old core raiders from Cataclysm welcome back to the guild, and also all new members who are currently a part of our raiding team.

See you at end!