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  • img01DPS Death Knight
  • img2Balance/Resto Druid
  • img04Mage
  • img4Windwalker/Mistweaver Monk
  • img06Holy Paladin
  • img1Holy/Disc Priest
  • img1Rogue
  • img1Resto Shaman
  • img5Warlock
  • img1DPS Warrior

* Exceptional players are always encouraged to apply.

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Latest News

Legion update!

Posted by Samadin on 3rd December 2016

Angered is still currently raiding, albeit in a social environment that aims to achieve efficient raiding within a limited time. We're currently seeking new friends and family to join us on our conquest to kill the big bad guys.

We are progressing at a steady pace through the content as we intended with our 3 days, 3 hour raiding schedule. Our latest achievement was killing Il'gynoth on mythic difficulty after a couple of weeks of progression. We are currently working on Cenarius.

See you at end!